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Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

It’s almost impossible to scrub tile floors. It’s messy and is serious hard work that cannot be done by hands. Regular mopping and spot cleaning don’t reach the hidden areas where dirt is stored. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service restores the luster to your floors. At Get it Clean, our floor and tile cleaners achieve the best possible results than any hand-cleaning could do. Our steam cleaners yield high-level pressure of water along with a combination of vacuum. This extracts dirt from deep within the tile and pores of your grout.

Get it clean makes the grout cleaning effective, easy, and hassle-free. The types of tiles we clean are ceramic, porcelain, limestone and many more. Call now to see the services we offer that can benefit you and your family.

Ceramic tiles are commonly used as floors and as surfaces as they look beautiful and are sturdy. However, over time, the daily wear and tear, and foot traffic can make ceramic tile floors and surfaces lose their luster and shine, making them look dull and dingy. Grouts can absorb soil, grease, and food and drink stains, making them look old and dated. Here at Get It Clean, our expert staff with years of experience will help you get your tiled surfaces and floors back to its former shine and luster using our industry-leading equipment and cleaning solution. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Conduct preliminary inspection of your tiled areas to determine the best cleaning method

Step 2: Pre-spray spots and stains

Step 3: Use high pressure cleaning and extraction to remove dirt

Step 4: Clean all corners and baseboards

Step 5: Dry all tiled area